Since its inception in 1997, HSD has been based on Shock Absorber.
It is a company that develops and produces high-performance tuning Suspension.

[For corporate purposes]

We always put quality first.
We supply good products quickly and accurately at home and abroad.

Satisfy the customer with services to the product,
It aims to be a future-oriented first-class company that contributes to the development of the country.

[Management policy]

All companies shall thoroughly carry out quality assurance activities and secure appropriate profits. In order to create a world-leading product, the unique technology of all parts is enhanced, thereby contributing to corporate development.

Build the rich humanity and intelligence of caring and understanding each other among colleagues,
It contributes to the country and society by securing a stable life.
Discover and foster creative and future-oriented competent human resources.
[Quality control policy]

It promotes in-house standardization across the company and establishes a management system based on data. Conduct comprehensive and continuous research activities and strive to develop new technologies and new products.
Active use of statistical methods in all areas of corporate activity.

Establish a quality assurance system for all processes.
Efforts are made to reduce product costs through constant innovation in production methods.